Challenge to Sturgeon on ‘cronyism’

Neither, on its own, is enough to torpedo nicola sturgeon but, combined, they represent the largest challenge to her authority the First Minister.

It cited a World Bank report that stated "those close to Ben Ali reaped the benefits of an economy based on cronyism, and that regulations were adapted to serve private interests and be conducive to.

When the Senate Judiciary Committee takes up the nomination of Harriet Miers to be an Associate Justice, she will have the burden of proving that she is qualified to join the Court and was not chosen on the basis of cronyism. That could pose a serious challenge.

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We’ve been here before – recently – how we respond will make a difference. Since Christmas 2016, I’ve posted a grand total of three opinion pieces on this site, which is a very far cry from my usual pace; blame the weird hours of my current work schedule.

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From the Desk of Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton: JW Files Appeal with Supreme Court in Legal Challenge to Hillary Clinton Appointment. Judicial Watch has taken a lawsuit challenging Hillary Clinton’s constitutional eligibility to serve as Secretary of State to the United States Supreme Court. On December 31, 2009, we officially filed our appeal.

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This time however, Nicola Sturgeon has been more stupid then usual, incompetence maybe the SNP trait but in this case, Sturgeon may regret this one. Theresa May plans to mount an an unprecedented legal challenge at the UK Supreme Court next week to stop Nicola Sturgeon’s own Brexit Bill from becoming law.