Five Things to Do With a Windfall Other Than Spend it Right Away – Home Loans by Sean Young

However, if paying off the debt does little more than "free up the credit card" for other stuff, then it’s a very poor way to use a windfall. That’s why, in most cases, I advocate using that money to ensure a better financial position unless you’re truly committed to reducing your spending.

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5 Tips for Handling a Financial windfall. rebecca lake Dec 23, 2014.. Initiate a Spending Freeze. If you’re like most people, the first thing you’re going to want to do after you cash your windfall check is go on a shopping spree.. you could end up right back in debt if you have to.

No, seriously. Have some fun. Go nuts. Make memories. Just be sure you set a budget and don’t spend more than you should. Financial advisers often recommend allocating five to 10 percent of your windfall for pleasure. Go ahead, buy shoes. Visit one of the world’s great restaurants every year or take a family vacation. See the country.

9. Don’t rush into spending your windfall. Calm down and think rationally about your new situation. Taking a few weeks or months to contemplate the possibilities can go a long way towards making sure you do the right thing. Assess your priorities and determine which areas of your life could most benefit from extra funds. 10.

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