ANZ decreases variable home loan rates

For ANZ owner occupiers, the standard variable home loan rate will increase to 5.36 percent per annum for customers with principal and interest repayments, and 5.91 percent per annum for customers.

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While Commonwealth Bank and NAB said they would pass the entire 25 basis point reduction, ANZ said it would only reduce its variable mortgage rates by 18 basis points. Westpac will reduce most.

Decrease all variable interest rates for Australian home and residential investment loans by 0.18%pa. For Standard Variable Rate Owner occupiers paying principal and interest this reduces the Index Rate to 5.18%pa, from 5.36%pa.

ANZ has cut its Online Saver account by 15 basis points and its Progress Saver by 25 basis points following a 25 per cent cut for its variable home loan customers. Both online savings accounts offered.

ANZ announced it will decrease variable interest home loan rates in Australia by 0.25%pa, following the Reserve Bank of Australia’s decision to reduce the official cash rate. decrease all variable interest rates for Australian home and residential investment loans by 0.25%pa. For Standard Variable Rate Owner Occupiers paying principal and interest this reduces the Index [.]

Interest is calculated based on the unpaid daily balance of your loan. For example, if you had a loan balance of $150,000 and your interest rate was 6% p.a., your interest charge would be: $150,000 x 6% divided by 365 days = $24.66 for that day. For most ANZ Home Loans, interest is usually calculated daily.

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ANZ’s home loan products can be sorted into fixed and variable rate loans with either principal and interest or interest-only repayment options. ANZ offers a large variety of home loans. As a large bank, it also offers a variety of car & personal loans, credit cards, savings accounts, term deposits and much more.

ASB said today it was lowering its "variable" home loan rate by 0.10 per. Westpac's 32-day notice saver interest rate has been reduced by 25.

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Benefits of a variable rate mortgage. home loans with variable interest rates can often prove to be quite affordable. Because most lenders base their variable interest rates on the RBA’s official cash rate, if the cash rate falls, your lender may pass this rate cut on to you, potentially lowering your home loan repayments.

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