Do condos appreciate as fast as single-family homes? Answer may surprise you

Appreciation on single family homes vs multi family. 10 Replies. though I may be leaving appreciation on the table by doing so.. Don’t be greedy take advantage of what you have and move on otherwise appreciation will continue and you will never decide to benefit from it..

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As a disabled person living on Social Security, I can’t afford to pay more than $500 for a bedroom in a shared apartment, and those rooms, while not extinct, go fast. You may join them if defending.

They typically appreciate at a lower rate than single family homes. As always, make sure you do your due diligence. Outlined above is just a brief synopsis of why I choose to invest in condos and townhomes over single family homes. It’s working out great for me so far, and if your market is anything like mine, then it may work out for you, too!

Answer may surprise you. The standard answer has been: Of course single-family homes appreciate faster. They are what most Americans prefer to live in, so there’s stronger demand. They come with their own piece of land – and we all know that land is a crucial driver of value. Condos,

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3) Expanding on the financing problem also leads to the rebuttal of the point of less money down (i.e. 5% versus 20%) but again, if you are comparing 10 single family properties at 5% down payment versus 1 multi-family property at 20%, I think you’ll find a dramatic difference.

Do Condos Really Appreciate Slower Than Houses? Ever since I started in Tucson real estate in 2003 I have heard agents say that condos do not appreciate as well as houses. Just the other day I heard an agent in my office telling a client that they should not purchase a condo because it won’t appreciate.

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Single Family Homes. Everything about a single family home is yours. You have no association rules and no association fees. There is also a tendency for single family homes to appreciate in value more quickly than a condo of comparable size, accommodations and community.

Houses appreciate faster here, but realistically I'm looking for a place to. posted by tangaroo to Home & Garden (13 answers total) 6 users marked this as a favorite.. for single family homes to be in a neighborhood governed by an HOA.. You may find it helpful to do some research on condo finances.