Dredging our minds and desilting our culture will solve flooding dilemma

trees that gave the town a magnificent look. Each day, hundreds of men set out to the sea in their canoes, returning in the evening with boatloads of assorted fish and other seafood. Elderly women and.

Dredging our minds and desilting our culture will solve flooding dilemma. rain floods yet no radical measures to solve our flooding menace!

These and other headlines flood our media space every year during rains, yet no radical measures to solve our flooding menace exist. To you reading, start dredging your mind and desilting your.

The Great Flood of 1993, one of the worst in American history, left entire towns ravaged.. In four towns along the Mississippi River that are now facing down floodwaters once more, the consequences of. “'93 was very prevalent in our minds this year.. We're working to fix the issue as soon as possible.

 · Dredging our minds and desilting our culture will solve flooding dilemma. due to flood”. These and other headlines flood our media space every year during rain.

The concept of dredging to prevent extreme flooding is equivalent to. You will have solved nothing while creating a host of new problems.

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Homes flooded upstream during Harvey as the reservoirs filled and. Across town, upstream of Lake Houston, workers prepared to dredge a portion of the west fork of. Experts believe the sand buildup there contributed to flooding in Kingwood. “We want to look at our watersheds and see our flow patterns, look at what.

Dredging is the removal of material from the bottom of lakes, rivers, harbors. This water depth continues to increase over time as larger and larger ships are.

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“Government tackles flood with GH197 million”, “Government donates relief items to flood victims”, “NADMO records 53,000 rendered.

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