6 Ways to Protect Your Home in a Lawsuit

In this article, I will discuss five steps you can take to protect your assets before you get sued. Once you get sued (or, depending on the state, threatened with a lawsuit), things get a lot trickier. In many (if not all) states, courts have power to declare certain transfers of money and property to be fraudulent or otherwise invalid.

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4 Ways To Protect Your Money. Tweet; By?Barbara Hernandez January 6, 2014. One catastrophic car accident without proper liability coverage could make all of one’s assets vanish in a lawsuit or legal settlement.. While it’s great to accumulate wealth, it’s just as important to protect your savings, your home, and your peace of mind.

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A brand New Year is upon us. It is a great time to ensure your business is compliant with employment laws; protected from non-compliance penalties and fees; as well as prepared to avoid workplace litigation. According to the EEOC, lawsuits are on the rise, with the average workplace lawsuit being more than $250,000 (not including lawyer fees), if the case goes to trial it could cost in excess.

6 Ways to Protect Your Home from a Lawsuit. by Tre Pryor, Editor-in-Chief. Our home is one of the most valuable assets that we own. After all, if you’ve lived in a house for more than ten years and made it look the way you always wanted to, a lawsuit is the last thing you want to happen. In.

Find out how to protect your home from business creditors. Don’t let the memories and money you’ve invested in your home get taken away. 6 ways to Protect Your Home in a Business Lawsuit

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