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"Skilled trades" refers to a number of occupations which require specific hands-on skills, such as machinists, welders, plumbers, and electricians. This leads us to another factor in the shortage of workers in the skilled trades: educational focus. At present, high schools focus almost entirely on.

Stakeholders Sound Off On How the Trade Labor Shortage Is Impacting the Home Improvement Industry – and What We Can Do to Fix It. Nearly 70 percent of pros responding to our skilled labor survey say they rarely or never see recent high school graduates joining the skilled trades.

Magazine Subscription. If you gather a group of manufacturers and ask them what their biggest challenge is today, you’ll likely hear them respond in unison: difficulty filling skilled-labor jobs. a new breed of workers and the skilled-labor shortage has turned into a perfect storm threatening to impede.

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Forum explores roots of construction labor shortage, and 4 solutions. Along with the issue of reaching young people is the growing perception that careers in the trades aren’t as Sandherr said some construction crews tend to have a "little bit of a high school locker room mentality" that could.

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Just two months ago, we reported that the federal government’s hydrogen car program was going down like the Hindenburg, as the Department of Energy announced that it would slash research funding. At.

7 essential tips to minimise dust and disruption in a house renovation online forum closed. It’s an open question whether management, as it is currently practiced, contributes much to creativity and innovation, says HBS professor Jim Heskett. What changes will allow.

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Builder Confidence Strong Despite June Letdown "The fact that builder confidence dropped significantly in areas of the country with high home prices shows how the growing housing affordability crisis is hurting the market," NAHB Chief.KB Home Announces the Grand Opening of Wildflower at Harvest at Limoneira in Ventura County Financial Debt to Total Equity is the amount of financial debt a company has over its total equity (market cap + Preferred Stock). Financial Debt are liabilities on the balance sheet that are.

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