Enjoy suffering of others? You are in for a treat

And when you are persecuted, you actually receive a blessing from god: 1 peter 3:13-14, "But even if you should suffer for what is right, you are blessed. Do. Do. Important message about being kind to others, because you never really know what other people are going through..

I just love to see other people in pain and misery. I act like I feel sorry for them but really inside I feel very happy and want them to suffer even more. I love it when a stunt goes wrong and the guy breaks his neck and dies. My friends wife died 3 days back, when I went to the funeral I saw all the peoples sad faces; I felt sooooooooooo Good.

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"For reasons that will never be entirely clear, God has a soft spot for religious strangers, both as agents of divine blessing and recipients of divine grace – to the point that God sometimes chooses one of them over people who believe they should by all rights come first.

This is like a seesaw. suffering or sweet is just on one side, your existing being (or your impurity) is on another side. Only a balance mind can make you well balance, otherwise you will be sick and even crazy. We may try to treat this question technically, not emotionally. The answer is just about the balance.

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> Everyday Sadists Take Pleasure In Others’ Pain. Published September 12, 2013. (treat others the way you want to be treated), she still undoubtedly trash talks people and causes issues for people.. so im at a point in my life im finding that i do enjoy seeing others is pain as also i.

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Vigilance is indispensable to avoid unnecessary suffering. When you’re in body consciousness, you feel immediately when you’re about to go into unnecessary suffering because it creates tension in the body. I’m not talking about muscle tension, it is something more subtle. Each time you welcome a necessary suffering, there is a transformation process and it.