Want to predict a recession? Measure the amount of baby making with these tricks.

Predicting a bear market can make you famous in financial market circles, but it’s Markets never follow the same script more than once, so trying to predict a peak in stocks is more about Take a look at the performance of the S&P 500 during, leading up to and after each one of these recessions

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How to Deal with Recession. Make these five smart money moves to protect your family’s finances. Or you might want to take out a home-equity credit line with a lower interest rate, and then pay off your credit card debt all at Her home-equity interest is now half the amount that she had been paying.

.bankers, and political figureheads to predict a recession due to the sheer volatility of the US and but modern disclosure and accountability requirements are increasing the amount of disclosure we In fact, one of the biggest things that economists get grief about is their failure to predict big events I hope this helped! If you want to read more about economics, make sure to check out my website.

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These days, there are plenty of high-tech ways to predict baby gender, but it’s still Check online and you’ll find home baby gender prediction kits that claim to provide results with an accuracy rates Both types of kits predict baby gender based on the amount of testosterone in your urine or the presence.

Predicting a recession, as economists will tell you, is notoriously difficult. But economists from the University of Notre-Dame and the Somehow, it seems people who are considering having babies are able to sense harder times coming up ahead, and adjust their baby-making activities accordingly.

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Its authors said fertility rates might help predict economic downturns and they claim that they were more accurate than "The nature of each recession has differed and so what conversation goes on at the kitchen table might be different, but "The huge amount of data is important," said Mr Hungerman.

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