Who Is Really Funding Uncle Sam?

So, if Uncle Sam’s financial situation is this bad in these supposedly good economic times, what’s going to happen when things turn sour? McMaken says it probably won’t be good. It is troubling that after a decade of an economic expansion, the US government is still spending money as it does during and immediately following a recession.

Two of the largest holders of U.S. Treasury debt (China and the Federal Reserve) are no longer buying as aggressively as they once did. More concerning, this is occurring as the amount of Treasury debt required to fund government spending is growing rapidly. The consequences of this drastic change in the supply and demand picture for U.S. Treasury debt are largely being ignored.</p>

We’re sure Jordan is quite nice this time of year, but do taxpayers really need the United States Agency for. t want to be excoriated in a congressional hearing or see their funding cut must clean. Who Is Funding Uncle Sam? by Michael Lebowitz In, The Lowest Common Denominator, we quantified the extent to which growth of consumer, corporate.

The noted cartoonist Thomas Nast is credited with transforming Uncle Sam into the tall character with whiskers wearing a top hat. In cartoons, Nast drew in the 1870s and 1880s Uncle Sam is often portrayed as a background figure. Other artists in the late 1800s continued to draw Uncle Sam and the character slowly evolved.

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5 of the 12 funding bills for uncle sam have already been approved for 2019 7 other bills will remain on a cr 5 of the 12 funding bills for Uncle Sam have already been approved for 2019. 7 other bills will remain on a CR. If you do not see the current show, empty your browser cache and reload. IF THE ABOVE PODCAST LINK DOES NOT WORK, TRY.

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Authored by Michael Lebowitz via RealInvestmentAdvice.com, In, The Lowest Common Denominator, we quantified the extent to which growth of consumer, corporate, and government debt has greatly outstripped economic growth and our collective income.This dynamic has made the servicing of the debt and the ultimate pay back increasingly more reliant on more debt issuance.

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