Why Microsoft Wants to Regulate Own Facial Recognition IT

Why this matters: Don’t worry-you’ll be able to do everything you need to do in Windows 10 without a depth camera or Windows Hello. To Microsoft. PC makers face a more difficult choice: They, too.

By their own admission. Even if [creators] attempted to control access, there’s no way they could stop it coming into the hands of the Israeli, American or Chinese state, or anyone who wants to.

Microsoft asks Congress to regulate facial recognition technology to protect human rights. Facial recognition technology is commonly used as a method of authentication across devices and organizations. While the technology that recognizes a person’s face from a photo or through a camera offers a wealth of uses, it at the same time can be abused too.

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Though Microsoft mentioned face recognition technology in that post, the company clarified in its Friday blog post that its contract for ICE did not include anything related to face recognition. Rather, it provided the agency with productivity software such as email, calendar, messaging, and document management.

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Microsoft calls for Congress to regulate use of facial-recognition tech. Microsoft, one of the many tech companies working in this area, is propelling itself into the spotlight, positioning itself as the moral compass on how technologies like facial-recognition software can be used ethically to benefit society.

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Microsoft wants regulation to keep the ‘facial recognition genie’ in the bottle. argues one key developer of said facial recognition tech: Microsoft.. whose company has its own controversial.

Microsoft Wants Facial Recognition Tech Regulated – 07/16/2018 For Microsoft, the request comes amid increasing investment in facial recognition-powered services and products.

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Microsoft Wants Facial Recognition to Be Regulated Before It’s Too Late .. "The only way to regulate this broad use is for the government to do so.". Allowing tech companies to set their own rules, Smith wrote, would be "an inadequate substitute for decision making by the public and its.

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