Buyers, sellers both have options when inspection finds problems

The home seller could potentially be liable for undisclosed problems under the following two situations: 1) If the seller gave the buyer some sort of warranty or guaranty. If the seller it would be liable under the terms of that document, to whatever extent (e.g up to whatever dollar amount) it specified.

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But we also made a few mistakes that would prove to be much larger problems that often. apartment for two months after buying our house, since we were doing so much work on it both outside and in..

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A re-inspection costs a fraction of the original inspection.) If you didn’t put down an Option Fee, and you didn’t write into the contract that the seller has to fix anything: Now you have to buy the house no matter what. You could ask the seller to fix the problems, or to drop the price of the house, but they’re under absolutely no obligation.

While a bad home inspection report isn’t what any seller is hoping for, the good news about the process is that as a result of the inspection, the buyer knows what they’re getting into and has the chance to ask for repairs or walk away – both actions that protect the seller from future liability.

Sellers: What to Do When You Get Bad Home Inspection Results So your home inspection shows that repairs are needed. Skip the stress and follow these tips from our real estate expert.

If you find out during the inspection that the seller has misrepresented the condition of the home, you should have the option of walking away from the deal. Some state seller disclosure laws provide for a buyer to receive documentation from the seller disclosing known problems with the home.

Story Highlights. Generally speaking, no house is perfect, and the home inspector’s report is not a work list for the buyer. If the inspection turns up problems, most buyers and sellers end up getting them fixed before escrow or by including money in the final settlement of the sale to pay for the new roof or rusty water heater.

But her house inspection uncovered problems, and the deal fell through. (CBC) And that’s when the trouble began. Both the vendor and buyer have to sign off before a deposit is returned. In.

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