Theresa May: Brexit is now a matter “for my successor” – EuropeUnion

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Theresa May will continue to work as prime minister until her party elects a new leader. (file/reuters) british prime Minister Theresa May friday formally stepped down as leader of the governing Conservative party, triggering a contest to replace her that could see her party embrace a tougher stance on Brexit, news agency reuters reported.

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Will Theresa May’s Successor Be Better At Brexit And so the turmoil continues. Fresh out of European Parliament elections that witnessed both the Labour and, especially, Conservative parties receive a good shellacking, we now segue neatly onto the United Kingdom ‘s next political earthquake – the replacement of the incumbent prime minister.

Theresa May has stressed Brexit is now a matter for her successor as she arrived at a European Union summit in Brussels. The gathering is the first time the prime minister has met EU leaders since announcing she will resign next month.

Theresa May has said that solving Brexit is officially a job for her successor as she headed to Brussels for her final EU summit as Tory leader and prime minister. Report by Khanomh.

Theresa May: Brexit is ‘now a matter for my successor’. Europe’s first ‘eco-mosque’ opens in UK.

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The British prime minister Theresa May, arguably the worst in. She said: “It is and will always remain a matter of deep regret for me that I have not been able to deliver Brexit. It will be for my.

The Times reports that Prime Minister Theresa May is preparing to propose a second transition period until 2023 covering customs and regulatory alignment in order to avoid a hard border in Ireland. Theresa May: Brexit is now a matter "for my successor".

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