House-hunters find more choices — and higher prices

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Two schoolteachers grew up dreaming of living and starting a family in a small town on the water. The location of their jobs, family and friends make Long Island’s fabled South Shore the perfect place to make their vision a reality, but low inventory and high prices mean their realtor has his work cut out for him.

U.S. Buyers Finding More Choice in High-Priced Areas To take advantage of high demand, more sellers in prime markets are putting their homes up for sale. In the 45 largest metros, prices are.

Read more. house-hunters find more choices – and higher prices. fla. home sales can differ from street to street. While things appear closer to "normal," it’s a different normal if all-cash sales make up 50% of the market. Read more.

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Watch House Hunters renovation season 14 episode 7 online. The complete guide by MSN. Click here and start watching the full episode in seconds.

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which House Hunters moments always piss them off. They'll grow up and learn how to navigate stairs! Get a. When they claim they want a fixer-upper, but it's soon quite clear that painting is all they're willing to take on. Then Make Some Bad Decisions.

The Truth About "House Hunters" on HGTV.. The other two choices that are filmed, are only shown to allow viewers the option of making the choice themselves. Did you catch that?. Will be more interesting when prices get more realistic. Mean all this offer over list and prices you know.

People who've appeared on House Hunters explain what it's like to be on the. seems a little unbelievable, especially if the couple doesn't have high-paying jobs.. The other two house options sometimes aren't even for sale.. the future to check in on the couple and see how they enjoy their new home.