Retirement income-seekers already feeling pinch from rate cut

Rising cost of living leaves retirees feeling the pinch By The Bower Team / In Company News , Retirement Planning If you’ve been feeling the pinch lately then there’s a good reason why.

Most private employer pension plans establish a fixed monthly benefit at the beginning of retirement that they’ll pay out for the rest of your life. While that might be very generous in the early years of retirement, you’ll begin to feel the pinch in ten years or so when your monthly benefit doesn’t buy.

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Interest rates are at historic lows in Europe and savers are feeling the pinch. But. else to turn to fund their retirement. In this respect, leaving all their money on deposit may be a risk. “The.

Stash at least 10 percent of your refund check into a retirement account and put even more than into it if you can. Take advantage of automatic savings Have a small amount of money taken from your paycheck and deposited directly into a 401K or IRA retirement account each pay period.

Emerson Electric Is Ready for the Food Waste Backlash. With trash haulers already feeling the pinch from municipalities trying to cut costs and weak commodity prices for recycling, Grind 2.

Service members are feeling the pinch most from the government’s hiring halt in overseas bases, child development centers and even in their family life. At the same time, military service chiefs are burdened with extra work to keep basic civilian positions filled on bases.

August’s cut in the cash rate by the Reserve Bank (RBA) from 1.75% to 1.5%, has left retirees feeling the pinch yet again. People with savings in cash, fixed interest and other conservative investments will unfortunately see their income cut once again by the RBA’s decision.

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Retirement income-seekers already feeling pinch from rate cut Written by Starts at 60 Writers Many older Australians depend on term deposit accounts as a way of creating income by investing their.

 · And it’s not just recent grads who are feeling the pinch. The cost of living has risen at a significantly higher rate than wages for the past 12 years. We’re paying more for our stuff without getting paid as much more for our work.