Retired Hayward police officer arrested at his Modesto home

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Two men believed to have shot at Stockton police officers in late June have been found and arrested, the Stockton police department announced thursday.martin harlan, who is facing charges of.

Retired Hayward police sergeant convicted of 9 felonies at highly contentious grand theft trial. Former Hayward police officer charged with scamming mentally ill woman of a half-million dollars.

 · Ex-Hayward cop gets 6 years for bilking woman.. (KTVU) Hayward -. The alleged scam was uncovered when Joe called Hayward police, learned that Beal had retired.

DeAngelo’s next hearing is scheduled for May 14 at 8:30 a.m. On Thursday, FBI agents and police searched DeAngelo’s home in Citrus Heights. distribution center of a Modesto-based supermarket chain.

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Retired Police Officer Arrested after Shooting Shoplifter Outside Home Depot. Shocking 911 Calls Detail Home Invasion Attack. Denver police body camera footage shows april 24 search of Rise.

Naked Stranger Breaks Into Modesto Woman’s Home, Assaults HerPolice arrested a man in. Expected To SurvivePolice Officer Shot In Hayward, Tracy HomicidePolice have arrested a Hayward.

Add To Favorites Hayward: Bail kept at $420,000 for ex-cop accused of scamming mentally ill woman Daily Review (Hayward, CA) – 4/25/2015 April 24–HAYWARD– Calling it a very serious case, an Alameda County judge on Friday refused to lower bail for a retired Hayward police sergeant charged with nine felonies, in which he’s accused of scamming a mentally ill woman out of a half-million dollars.

 · MODESTO (AP) – Renters moving into a Modesto home have found a body and police say the death is being investigated as a homicide. The Modesto Bee says the body was found on Sunday. Police say.

They should have reported it to police and they didn’t. They told me never to speak about this again.” In those days and until he retired in 1991. to hold meetings of groups of boys in his Modesto.

At about 2:45 p.m. on April 25, 1989, Hayward police officer robert coffey and his partner, Officer Fred Rose, were patrolling in an unmarked car in Spanish Ranch One, a Hayward mobilehome park. The park was occupied primarily by retired senior citizens, and was surrounded by an eight-foot stone fence, with one entrance and one exit.