Four of the best commuter towns for outstanding schools, all within 45 minutes of London

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The most affordable of London’s commuter towns, the Essex spot is 34 minutes on the train into London Fenchurch. There is regeneration work happening over the next 20 years in the town centre which will up to 2,000 new homes, a college, cinema and new shops, offices and public squares, transforming the town into a modern living and working space.

Kent’s Best Commuter Towns. For the average working household, property prices in London are now out of reach. More house buyers and property investors are looking to commuter towns for more affordable housing and good commuting times to the capital. For those working in central London, living in a commuter town is a necessity,

We’ve ranked 116 commuter towns based on average house prices, length of a train journey into the Capital, cost of a season ticket, and the commuter town’s ONS lifestyle rating. So, if a move out of London is on the cards, but giving up the job isn’t, use these findings to uncover which commuter town you should call home.

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Best Hampshire Villages: for commuting daily or less often. Overton, Quidhampton, Steventon, Deane, Ashe, Kingsclear, Hannington, Ecchinswell, Alton, Crondall and North Waltham are all close to Surrey or Berkshire borders and have good commute times as does the gorgeous Cathedral City of Winchester.

The typical age for these borrowers is 35 to 45, clearly coinciding with children coming on to the scene." Homes near outstanding schools within 45 minutes of London. Those investing in the "forever home" will want to find commuter hotspots that boast the best primary and secondary schools with quick links into London.

The best commuter towns within easy reach of south London. South Londoners looking to move out of the capital want fast trains and good grammar schools. Here’s everything you need to know about the top three towns that fit the bill.

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