When it comes to leaseholds, delay will cost you dear

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If you’ve bought a flat on a leasehold, it pays to know your rights. Alan Wilson tells you what you should expect as a leaseholder and explains how to go about buying the freehold on your property.

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If the lease is less than 70 years, then you may struggle to get a lender to grant a mortgage. The lease will normally need to stretch another 25 to 30 years beyond your mortgage term. So this means that if you mortgage term is 25 years, then the lease needs to have at least 55 years before it expires.

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Dear Soon to be Jobless Mother. These are the kind of expenses you just have to incur. You need to pay your rent or you risk being thrown out of your home. Sure you can delay paying some of these.

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Not only that, there has been a resurgence in the same of leasehold. too much, delaying legislation and doing little to help owners of existing.

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The process starts by instructing a specialist valuer to report on the premium. This generally costs between 500 to 750 plus VAT and on top of this, the leaseholder will have to pay the landlord’s legal and other costs as well. Budgeted costs in total should be about 3,000.00 on top of the premium.

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