Buyers’ Remorse: Breaking Down Homeowner Regrets

Home/ REAL ESTATE NEWS/ Articles/ Most Common Regrets Of The New Home Buyer.. Imagine a newlywed couple moved into a two-bedroom apartment but 5 years down their lives they have children and relatives who now stay in the house.. buyers remorse after buying a house do you regret buying a.

By exploring the reasons for the regret, you may find that the stress involved in moving and buying your home is a lot to take on. And consider these reasons why some people experience buyer’s remorse before making your purchase. Common Causes of Home Buyer’s Remorse. There are a few of the more common reasons people experience home-buyers.

 · Buyer’s remorse, especially for high-ticket items, happens all the time, and it makes everyone involved unhappy: Customers regret their purchases and wish they had their money back.

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 · Every house-hunter has a wish list and every homeowner probably has a “wish I researched” list. In fact, 80 percent of homebuyers have at least one major regret about their new home, according to a recent survey of 2,000 U.S. adults at least 25 years old and in possession of a driver’s license. Only 20 percent of respondents said they had no regrets about their home.

The Ultimate Guide for How to Overcome Buyer's Remorse. How not to regret a purchase (prevention is key!), how to use buyer's remorse law to your. about whether or not we made the right choice to become homeowners.. a mental cue will alert you that you need to really think through your purchase.

Try to plan for remorse. While recommending a home inspection is a what you most likely do with every client, use this opportunity to educate your client on buyer’s remorse and the common reasons why so many homeowners experience it. So, if they do end up experiencing some regret, they will understand that it’s a common feeling and many.

Realtor Magazine recently published an article about "Advice Young Adults Need to Avoid Buyer’s Remorse" and we thought it was worth talking about here on our mcilvaine home team blog.We don’t want our clients to experience buyer’s remorse. Some of it may be unavoidable, but major homeowner regret is something we want to help you avoid.

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Yet many of the younger people lucky enough to own a place still suffer from buyer’s remorse. say they have regrets about purchasing their current home, according to a new poll of about 1,500.